Monday, April 16, 2007

Thawing out

Spring was here...and then it left. Much of the country experienced historical lows, freezing fragile buds and devastating apple and peach orchards, strawberry crops and vineyards. In my own yard the dogwood's fresh pink blossoms froze, the Azeala's were nipped before the first bud could bloom, the variegated hosta froze and turned to mush, the tender new leafs on my tulip poplars froze, their light green reverting back to a winters brown. Finally, today the St. Louis metro area is warming up into the 60s and my thoughts go to gardening.

Number one on my wish list this year is the new Blushing Bride Hydrangea -- an 'Endless Summer' variety that blooms throughout the season on both new and old stems. The mop-heads range from 4-8" across and mature to blue or pink, depending on soil pH. St. Louis is in the northern most planting zone for this beauty. I plan to group several together for a moon garden effect. The glow of white blooms at night will lend a romantic feel to the nightscape.