Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mark Feja

Stranger 1/100: Mark Feja

Meet Mark Feja. I met Mark at his booth, Something Fishy, at the Festival of the Little Hills in St. Charles, Missouri yesterday. I am drawn to people that live, what I term, authentic lives. What is authentic? To me, it is doing what you love, and Mark met this criteria in a big way. Mark crafts coconut fish, he travels the fair and festival circuit May through September, tent camping alongside his Coconut Fish Camp booth, then returns to his home in the Florida Keys. Yes, he makes a living creating coconut fish and lives in the beautiful Florida Keys. I asked if he had a website, he replied, "Don't even own a computer." You can reach him via e-mail though,
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Coconut Fish Camp

The Coconut Fish Camp.

coco nutty

My bug eyed coco-nutty purchase. Honest now, doesn't he make you smile?