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I love a good read, or a good listen. I'm a road warrior, my daily commute--round trip--eats up two hours of my day. Rush hour (which should be dubbed speed up and sit, repeat, repeat) can be frustrating, audio books keep me from obsessing over aggressive drivers. I may not have control of the traffic, but I can control my entertainment. I go through audio books at a quick pace, books on the other hand, take me forever to finish, since they compete with the time I use for blogging, picture taking, project and craft making.

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Now reading: Best Staged Plans

Spring Fever
Now playing in the car CD player, Spring Fever.

Just finished, review coming soon. The End of Your Life Book Club.

Random Book Club: Eat Cake

Random Book Club:The Peach Keeper

A Week in Winter
A Week in Winter

The School of Essential Ingredients
Just finished, review coming soon, The School of Essential Ingredients.

The Middle Place
The Lace Reader
Front Cover
Life is So Good

Silver Girl

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