Friday, September 14, 2012

Welcome Autumn!

I realize it's not officially Autumn, but it's getting so close! The first day of Autumn, or the Autumnal Equinox 'falls' on September 22. and I am celebrating by creating a new fall wreath.
I fell in love with this floral pic, the size is great for a vase, but for this wreath I needed shorter  bunches, by cutting the spray into multiple mini sprays, I was able to add a touch of this wonderful pattern throughout the wreath.

Working with floral's is one of my favorite crafts, in short time I have a finished piece...actually, the selection of what floral's to purchase cam tale me longer than the creating!

It's looking great, I just need one more thing to make it complete.
My grandmother was a floral designer, and her signature touch was always a feathered friend. I think this wreath would have Nana's stamp of approval.

Happy fall you all!

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