Sunday, April 28, 2013

Paper Flower Prayer Garland

Today was overcast and perfect for working indoors on paper crafting.

I recently purchased a Silhouette Cameo. Oh, the fun things you can do with this machine!

I made this garland for a friend who's in the hospital.

I hope its cheerful colors and sentiments brighten her stay.

I played with textures by adding coarse twine bows, silk ribbon, and threading everything together with white and yellow twine.

I included words of encouragement on little banners to reminder her how very special she is. We need these reminders, heck; I think I'll hang one of these on my rear-view mirror! With my long daily commute, this positive reinforcement could give me that, Hell Yea, boost to start the day.

Solid orange helps balance the many patterns of this project.

I love the colors and patterns.

The most powerful sentiment, prayers, is placed smack in the middle. 

This paper flower prayer garland will outlast any cut flower arrangement. My prayers will last that much longer.



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