Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anticipating Autumn

September, the days shorten, school is back and the promise of Autumn's nip is in the air. We load up into the car and take first the Winfield Ferry to Brussels Island, passing century old farmsteads, then hopping onto the Brussels Ferry to Grafton for our annual apple picking. The trip to Eckert's Orchard is half the fun. A wagon ride to the orchard, photo op's of apple picking and one or two juicy samples we are ready for "act two" of this annual pilgrimage, the Fin Inn, which our youngest nephew dubbed "The place we go to see the live fish and eat the dead fish." The Fin Inn features room length fish aquariums that hold species indigenous to the Mississippi: intimidating Alligator Snappers and sizable Cat Fish swim about the tanks for your viewing. I guess my our nephew had it right.