Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Awesome Shitty Day

Another car sped by, ignoring my outstretched arm, clinched hand, with upward thumb--the universal sign indicating the person attached to said thumb needed a flipping ride. This after all was a National park, I surveyed the roadside and indeed the towering redwoods, rock strewn river and occasional open meadow was accounted for. A park was filled with trusting salt of the earth type people, right? Including this one with her thumb in the air, but no one stopped. Our energetic hike to Bridal Veil Falls had turned into a foot sore poky amble on our return, with the park shuttle AWOL we set out to locate the nearest shuttle stop. The day had turned hot; our custom-fit-at-REI hiking boots had created custom-fit-pulsating-throbbing-sores on both of our feet, are water bottles dry and our moods dour. So I did what any self-respecting mama bear would do, I struck out my thumb. Much later, we sat aside our campfire, to the soothing crackle of fire, gazing into dancing flames, glowing embers, satisfied and relaxed. "Does it get any better than this?" Transfixed by the fire, I spoke in a hushed tone.

Shannon replied softly, matching my tone, as she too gazed in the fire, "This was definitely an awesome, shitty day.”

We nodded to each other in agreement. Indeed.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sit a spell

Sit a spell by DiPics
Sit a spell, a photo by DiPics on Flickr.

This "bathroom with a view" is located in Old North St. Louis. This picture was taken during a home tour and I was struck that in the city you can have a floor to ceiling window aside the toilet with no issues of privacy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Get a Clue

Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten what your purpose had been, were you looking for something? What was that something? Surfing the internet is similar, I began this search for "How to Paint Egrets," and ended up on Jana's blog where I became sidetracked with her mixed media piece on losing ones memory. Now what was I looking for?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tulips and cupcakes

Tulips and cupcakes by DiPics
Tulips and cupcakes, a photo by DiPics on Flickr.

Although winters bite lingered well into April,  the outdoor world is now awash in greens. Dormant lawns are verdant, hosta plants line the walkway and porch, grow tall, leaves unfurling, spreading and covering the spent daffodil leaves as planned. Tulips have peaked, their purples, yellow, reds, whites and pinks sweep the edges of the walkway and rock bordered landscaping. Nana made fresh bouquets from her garden, giving them as hostess gifts, get well wishes, and thinking of you sprays. The variegated hosta leaves are cut from a plant I transplanted from her yard. I call this heritage gardening; plants that are shared cultivate sweet memories.

Love you Nana, I will always remember you.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Key West Garden Gate

Key West Garden Gate by DiPics
Key West Garden Gate, a photo by DiPics on Flickr.
I'm missing Key West today. Duval street is fun, with the shops, bars and music; but, the true essence of Key West are the historical homes that line the streets. Most have been renovated into B & B's and guest houses. If I only had a million dollars, I'd open one myself. :)

Spring Doorway 5

Spring Doorway 5 by DiPics
Spring Doorway 5, a photo by DiPics on Flickr.
Another house that features St. Louis bricks. I love the dormer windows and the detail in both the wood work and the patterns of the bricks. The tulip beds are a delight.

Spring Doorway 4

Spring Doorway 4 by DiPics
Spring Doorway 4, a photo by DiPics on Flickr.

For more than a century, St. Louis has been famous for its distinctive clay bricks; and St. Louis bricks are prized architecturally.

Spring Doorway 3

Spring Doorway 3 by DiPics
Spring Doorway 3, a photo by DiPics on Flickr.

A beautiful monochrome, castle-like entryway.

Spring doorway 2

Spring doorway 2 by DiPics
Spring doorway 2, a photo by DiPics on Flickr.

Carmel by-the-Sea? St. Augustine, Florida? No, this beautiful Spanish style home resides in St. Louis.

Spring Doorway 1

Spring Doorway 1 by DiPics
Spring Doorway 1, a photo by DiPics on Flickr.
The neighborhoods surrounding campus are filled with stately homes and their mature landscaping. I gain inspiration for my own yard when I walk their avenues.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boxwood and Dogwood

Boxwood and Dogwood by DiPics
Boxwood and Dogwood, a photo by DiPics on Flickr.

Such a beautiful side garden in this turn-of-the-century home, features a boxwood knot garden and armillary sphere dial. This home is located near Forest Park in St. Louis and the Washington University campus where I work.

Spring table

Spring table by DiPics
Spring table, a photo by DiPics on Flickr.
This sweet little egg platter was my husband's grandmother's, Grandma Puleo. I remember visiting her on the farm when Mike and I were newly dating. Grandma was a short stocky woman, grey hair twisted up to a bun, her dress of choice were comfortable house coat, hospital white support knee hi's--the kind nurses wear-- and slippers. A tea kettle atop the stove was always at the ready to share a cup of tea with her family.