Monday, May 25, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Painting With Light: a photo exhibit

The end of the semester finale, Painting with Light photo exhibit was a blast. Something about sharing photography brings people closer, by the end of the semester we really know one another. Our exhibit was well attended and the University has plans to place our work online. Cool.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Old North St. Louis House and Community Tour

Saturday I spent a lovely day with my daughter touring Old North St. Louis. ONSL is known for Crown Candy Kitchen, established in 1913. Upon entering, you are transported back to the soda fountain era. My favorites off the menu, grilled turkey bacon sandwich and a vanilla shake--the best you'll ever have.
The neighborhood surrounding Crown Candy Kitchen is making a comeback. Old North St. Louis covers about 80 blocks just north of downtown St. Louis in the shadow of the Arch. This area was settled by waves of immigrants, first German, then Irish and later Italian, Polish and Jewish. The rebirth of Old North is rooted in a vision crafted by the people of the community, a vision that embraces the diversity of the neighborhood's current population and puts out the welcome mat for the new residents who come from across the economic spectrum and from all walks of life.
One of the homes featured on the tour, a 1914 historic warehouse converted to living space and art studio.

Another private residence...note the antique tub set in a bank of bay windows. The antique Glenwood stove and oven is used every day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Circus Harmony

For my photojournalism course I sought an essay subject that spoke to my heart and discovered Circus Harmony. As a student of American Culture studies I am curious how our environment shapes us; Jessica Hentoff's Circus Harmony shapes students through circus...what a unique concept! Her foundation offers classes to underprivileged and privileged children, Jessica explains, "The life skills we learn, as children, are the tools we take with us into adulthood. If we teach children when they are young to overlook differences and focus on similarities, to focus on working together to fix something rather than abdicating responsibility and blaming instead, those skills could result in a more peaceful future. When you are trying to do a human pyramid, you need to know the technique and the terminology so that you and your partner are speaking the same language physically and verbally. You learn fairly quickly, that to succeed in performing the pyramid, you cannot blame each other if something goes wrong but you must figure out what you can do together to make it work. Whoever you are and wherever you are from, there is some circus skill that you can accomplish because circus is an art made up of a variety of skills.
Circus teaches life’s lessons. Participation requires cooperation, individual and group responsibility and control over mind, body and emotions. Children learn these skills through circus arts and apply them to everyday life."

Circus teaches the art of life.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shakespeare Festival St. Louis

Warm weather and outdoor theatre--don't you just love the combination? In St. Louis we are blessed with beautiful Forest Park (500 acres larger than New Yorks Central Park). The photo is from the 2006 production of Julius Ceasar. This years offering, The Merry Wives of Windsor, directed by Jesse Berger.

The "site" has a name this year,
Shakespeare Glen will be the seasonal home for the annual festival in its 9th year. Grab your blanket, wine, and cheese...I'll see you there.

23rd Annual Easter Car Show -- Forest Park, St. Louis

April Garden

Bulbs, glorious bulbs

After an arduous spring semester, and finals behind me, it's time to close the textbooks and get my hands into the dirt. Last night my hubby and me divided and replanted the daffodils arranging them so that next year they will provide a graceful swath of cheery yellow along the walkway and front bed. I salvaged some spent tulips from the university and replanted them along the side of the house (red and whites) and the front bed (yellow) they will put on a colorful show next April.
I discovered these beautiful Calla Lily's that will just "pop" in the container at the front door.
My father-in-law has put in his flower order and at the top are Canna's. The last bunch made it through 3 of our St. Louis winters before their no-show this spring. His front lawn flowerbed looks empty without their dramatic height.