Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bulbs, glorious bulbs

After an arduous spring semester, and finals behind me, it's time to close the textbooks and get my hands into the dirt. Last night my hubby and me divided and replanted the daffodils arranging them so that next year they will provide a graceful swath of cheery yellow along the walkway and front bed. I salvaged some spent tulips from the university and replanted them along the side of the house (red and whites) and the front bed (yellow) they will put on a colorful show next April.
I discovered these beautiful Calla Lily's that will just "pop" in the container at the front door.
My father-in-law has put in his flower order and at the top are Canna's. The last bunch made it through 3 of our St. Louis winters before their no-show this spring. His front lawn flowerbed looks empty without their dramatic height.
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