Monday, April 25, 2011

Tulips and cupcakes

Tulips and cupcakes by DiPics
Tulips and cupcakes, a photo by DiPics on Flickr.

Although winters bite lingered well into April,  the outdoor world is now awash in greens. Dormant lawns are verdant, hosta plants line the walkway and porch, grow tall, leaves unfurling, spreading and covering the spent daffodil leaves as planned. Tulips have peaked, their purples, yellow, reds, whites and pinks sweep the edges of the walkway and rock bordered landscaping. Nana made fresh bouquets from her garden, giving them as hostess gifts, get well wishes, and thinking of you sprays. The variegated hosta leaves are cut from a plant I transplanted from her yard. I call this heritage gardening; plants that are shared cultivate sweet memories.

Love you Nana, I will always remember you.
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