Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Annie Sloan Wax Magic

You know how it goes, your painting away and a sudden awareness...a keen awareness of all that is faded, flaked and (heaven forbid) naked vies for the attentive stroke of your paint ladened brush. In this case it's wax and I'm on my porch, working on my rocker project with this fabulous new Annie Sloan paint and wax. I've just completed waxing the second rocker, when my hand on its own accord loads the brush with more wax and applies it to my faded painted concrete urn. Amazing! The after picture speaks for itself!

I had painted the urn several years ago, using whatever paint I had on hand, interior paint, exterior paint, and acrylic craft paint. Watered it down a bit I applied brown around the decorative top design, the rings, and the top of the pedestal. Purple and blue went on the grapes and a touch of brown with the green on the leaves. Over the years the look has faded, but now with a coat of Annie Sloan's dark wax they have a new richness to them. I'm a happy girl.

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