Thursday, November 17, 2011

Company's Coming! Timely Cleaning Tips for the Holidays.

Holiday's are upon us. Here are some timely housekeeping tips so your home can sparkle and shine.

Have a Game Plan.

Freshen up Upholstery.

Shoe polish to the rescue.

Magical Carpet Cleaner.

Make your granite shine.

Baking Soda paste for oven window cleaning.

Forget Windex, make your own window cleaner.

The ever so handy lemon.
Source: via Diane on Pinterest

Renew your pans.

Aluminum foil for glassware... who knew?

A soak with baking soda water, line the water container with aluminum foil. 

Grout cleaning recipes.
Source: via Diane on Pinterest

Wood rescue: Wax spills, water stains and scratches.

After all that cleaning, keep it fresh with this handmade air freshener.

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