Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Autumn Florals

Some images from my Pinterest Creative Floral's Board.

Floral's tug at my heartstrings for they remind me of Nana. My grandmother was a buyer for a nationwide floral retailer and traveled to New York on buying trips and across country to train the companies florist. After she retired she held an annual open house in November which transformed her home into a floral utopia; autumn and Christmas arrangements, wreaths and sprays filled every corner. Nana always allowed me to pick out one smaller priced item--such a difficult choice! Ultimately I'd select a whimsical Santa Claus or reindeer among snow flocked holly and pine.Santa, Rudolf, snow and holly must wait . . . this post is all about the warm hues of autumn and floral's that share Nana's style. What was her style you ask? Several decades removed from those open houses, I'd say it is a timeless look. Hand selected floral's with organic touches: a birds nest, feathers, seed pods, berry's and nuts . . .

Here are some of my finds from Pinterest that have that Nana flair about them. Enjoy!

Feathers blend beautifully with the russets, creams and oranges.

Source: ehow.co.uk via Diane on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Diane on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Diane on Pinterest

Acorns for a vase filler.

Creamy whites with falls rich hues, see my previous post for another take on this color scheme.

Magnolia leaves, bittersweet and pomegranates add natural texture. 

seasonal fruit, pinecone's and birds nest add interest here.
Source: google.com via Diane on Pinterest

An urn filled with leaves and gourds, so simple and classic.

Feather's berry's, leaves and sparkly gourds.

Corn husk and twigs are added to the mix here.

Apples add interest and color to this vase.
Source: google.com via Diane on Pinterest

A pumpkin as the vase, beautiful.

Source: flickr.com via Diane on Pinterest
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