Sunday, September 16, 2012

Things I Love Thursdays: Stand Up Paddling

In honor of Jeff's stand up board, of which I paddled sitting down on, I present my flickr mosaic, Things I Love Thursdays. This is a compilation of flickr member photos I discovered by searching under the topic SUP and 'stand up board.' None of the photo's are mine.

When creating my mosaics I look for a variety of perspectives, subjects --both human and aniimal--and theatrics. I think the women out number the men, and the humans definitely outnumber the dog.

I love the light on the top right pic, the perspective of the paddle on the second, the third shot was taken in Key West. 'nuff said about that one. The fourth with her amazing balance of a backbend--SUP meets BBP (back bend board). Ha!

The next shot of this fella with the beautifully honed body. Another looking up perspective, and the bottom right with the abstract reflection and saturated colors.Continuing clockwise, I'm not sure what this woman is doing, slipping or possibly springing off of the board and into the water? It looks fun! And this next shot is the celebrity edition of SUP, Rob Patterson of Twilight fame. Followed by a beautiful pregnant portrait, love the lighting on her belly and the stunning sunset. Doesn't she look absolutely fearless? Above, is a fantastic shot of a handstand--I would be happy just to stand. :)

The next photo features a mom with her kids,I love the subjects here, the beautiful color of the water and the processing of the photo. My final selection, the centerpiece, is this delightful mix of stellar photography, SUP, Yoga, dog and master. Don't you love her smile? And that cover up?

Below are the pics from this photo shoot, you can check out more from this talented photographer on flickr and at McKeever Photography.

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