Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stranger 3/100 Rock

Stranger 3/100 Rock by DiPics
Stranger 3/100 Rock, a photo by DiPics on Flickr.
Sunday my family went to Rombach Farms pumpkin patch. While my son, daughter and I picked our pumpkins in short order, my husband was still undecided, and continued to look for that elusive perfect carving pumpkin. His pumpkin hunt brings to mind a certain Halloween classic, doesn't it?

While hubby was in search of the great pumpkin, I zeroed in on this fellow as he was restocking pumpkins off of a flatbed farm truck. I asked him if he was a Rombach, he replied, no, he wasn't one, but he had married the only girl. I then asked if I could take his picture for my 100 stranger Flickr group, and he wasn't so sure--I reassured him my intent was to take photo's of people I didn't know, not "strange" people. This brought a chorus of laughter from the other workers up on the farm truck. He allowed the photo's, and when I asked his name, he simply replied Rock. So, stranger number 3 is Rock of Rombach Farms.



This picture is #3 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page

Rock, stranger, no let's say, new friend number 3, restocking the inventory.

Rock taking some good natured ribbing from the photo shoot.

Pumpkin picking crew
My crew, on the annual hunt.




Bonnie and Clyde made their annual appearance.

Still on the hunt.

KEEP OFF means....??

Now these are some Great Pumpkins.

I can't tell you how long he looked, but I can tell you I took most of my photo's while he was in search of the  Great Pumpkin. Too much Charlie Brown as a kid, oh Linus....



My selection, it smelled just like watermelon when I carved into it.

A mountain of pumpkins, it looks like a large lumpy piece of candy corn, doesn't it?

Time to head home for some pumpkin carving.

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