Monday, April 8, 2013

A Visit to Warm Spring Ranch home of the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales

Not long ago we purchased a sweet blue mustang with a white convertible top.  Hubby and I selected Booneville, MO for our inaugural convertible day trip, home of AB's Clydesdale's. 

Warm Springs Ranch was originally located near San Diego, looking for a central location they relocated outside of St. Louis. I made reservations a couple of months ago, reasoning that in spring we would see plenty of foals. This is a breeding facility, and they stagger the mating, so your chances of seeing the foals are good at anytime. Isn't this little one sweet?

You have the opportunity to meet and greet one of the geldings alongside the famous hitch. Notice the rubber floors, this is the breeding room. 

Too handsome!

The property is pristine and the horses are treated as the royalty they are. They travel with 10 Clydesdale's, but only use 8 to pull the hitch.

If you find yourself in St. Louis, Spring Water Ranch is a worthwhile visit.

This foal exhibits all the desired traits for a hitch Clydesdale, white face, white socks and black main.

They expect this momma to go into labor at anytime. Clydesdale foals weigh in around 150 pounds. 
Another momma and her baby. We so enjoyed our day at Warm Springs Ranch and recommend it highly! If you want to sample some brew though, make sure you don't visit on Sunday.

Hope you enjoyed these beauties!

Happy Monday!

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