Saturday, May 4, 2013

Random Book Club: A Week in Winter

A Week in WinterStone House is the west of Ireland home of three elderly ladies until hometown girl, Chicky Starr, returns to Stoneybridge and buys the house to turn it into a hotel. The townsfolk think she is crazy because it is not a great tourist area and they expect her to fail. This book follows the stories of the guest from the opening week. Each guest has a problem or a tragedy in their lives and most of them are sorted out amid the bucolic countryside and Atlantic waves that crash on the shore near Stone House. An easy, absorbing "listen" focused on memorable characters and their modern day dilemmas around love, family, friends and work. Maeve Binchy makes you care about each of them and her simple style of writing means your not distracted from their stories. She writes better about community and forgiveness than any other author I know and with humor that is Irish through and through.

The world has lost a great author, this is Maeve's last novel, completed just before her death. 

Have you read A Week in Winter? Any memorable scenes? Did you relate to any of the characters? 

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