Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lafayette Square Home and Garden Tour

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Lafayette Square Home and Garden Tour

The owners purchased the artwork from a vendor in New Orleans. In the foreground is the rail of a spiral staircase which leads to a small loft.
The opposite side of the room soars 2 floors high. This home was constructed in stages, first with the middle portion between 1856-1866. The front portion was added in the 1870s. It features massive original woodwork, marble fireplace mantles, and a two-story family room space at the back of the house.

Looking up and up.

Garden whimsy.

Love these cherub planters.

A yellow Calla Lilly.

I think the pet owner was a more willing model than our little friend here. Don't you just love the hat and sunglasses? Fun!

My patient family waiting for the photographer to get her shot. 

Look at the detail!

Regretfully, this house was not on the tour.

Some young entrepreneurs.

A unique style for the bannister.

A lovely master bath.

A fireplace in the kitchen. This could all be yours...this house is for sale. 

Breakfast nook.

Living room.




A Garden is a Friend You Can Visit Anytime.

I'll take that one and this one.

Juice glasses, they were originally sold filled with pimento cheese.

Miss Jubilee 1940's Jazz entertained.

I like her spunk and my heart trips every time I hear a bass fiddle. Miss you dad.

From the casual.

To the Ritz.

This dining room sparkles!

Just beautiful.

I know these people. ;)

My girlfriend and family taking a break.

The view from the patio.

A garden window from the alleyway. Of course you just have too look!

A mascot for one of the many stores.

On the porch.
Love the exposed brick wall and the antique clock. 

In house tours it is difficult to get 'the shot' without people, I had--or I thought I had--the perfect opportunity here, but this woman would not move. I waited quite awhile, but she remained standing in this same spot. Maybe in another life she was a palace guard?
1201 Dolman: This is a new home, built to look old and one of my favorites on the tour. The library/parlor is the first room upon entering. This "green" home was completed in 2011.

A nice shiny bright kitchen. Love those granite counters. Cabinetry and furniture that was produced by the Amish.

The living room is open to the kitchen. I love the collection of terrariums.

When I win the lottery, I'm going to have one of these! An attached conservatory. The conservatory was modeled after the Linnean House at the Missouri Botanical Garden.
Just imagine relaxing in this room on a cold winter day. Notice how my hubby is trained to carry my camera bag. ;)

What a wonderful writing room this would make.

Love this folding screen. This would be a great future project.

A year-round indoor garden,  in a bright airy space and back-dropped by the sound of a water fountain. Perfection.

The backyard.
Two walled courtyards alongside the main house. Imagine the entertaining possibilities?!

A garden entrance.

The private garden of Park Avenue Mansion Bed and Breakfast.

Every corner of the Park Avenue Mansion's private courtyard and gardens delight. To see more of this beautiful home, or to book a room, go to their website at

A statuesque century old sycamore canopies the multiple decks, porches and courtyard.

Antique garden urns overflow with color.

Park Avenue Mansion Mascots

How cute are these?

Plantings alongside SqWires Restaurant

Hope you enjoyed this peek of Lafayette Square!
Check out this clip of Miss Jubilee 1940s Jazz and Rue Cafe's Midnight and Paris event. I'm putting this on my bucket list.

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