Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summertime Mantel

I should be stripping wallpaper in our guest bedroom, but who can resist a Linky party for Summer Mantels? 
So, I immediately went about the house collecting items that fit the summer theme.
Although, it could be argued that this collection is summertime too. After all, many people escape to the clean cool streams and lakes of the mountains during summers heat. Robert Woods is the painter of both scenes, the larger of the two is from my hubby's parents home. He remembers picking it out with his mom and it held the place of honor above the couch in their basement family room. When my in-law's moved, it was regulated to storage. 
I'm a sentimental sort, from heritage gardening--those plant's that used to reside in my family member's yards--to simple things like pressed glass relish dishes. If it pleases me, is useful, I keep it. This carved Indian is in a whole other category, this guy was hand-carved by my dad. I guess you can tell he was crafted in the 1990s, this is when we used to do craft shows together. The rose color tips on the headdress give the decade away. :) 
I love cabins  by a lake or stream, and I love moose. If I could find a picture with both of them that would make my heart sing.
I'm always on the look out for a Robert Wood's print, but the mandatory cabin must be in the scene.
So, lil''s time you found a new place to nest, it's time for some seaside fun.

It's about time summer got its due, instead of an obligatory shell or two...

...I added a whole mess of them, filled a couple of vases to their brim with them and added my Nana's little shell box too (This covers that sentimental thing.) ;)

Propped a starfish against our photo at the Southernmost point in Key West and draped a string of shells for good measure.

Time to put some Chesney on, sit back with a drink in my hand...

No shoes, no shirt, no problems

Blues what blues..hey I forgot them
The sun and the sand and a drink in my hand with no bottom
And no shirt, no shirt, and no problems!
No problems

After some Chesney, maybe it was 'the drink in my hand' or the bare wall in the loft--the wall the lighthouse picture had hung--on that gave me yet another round of inspiration.

Yes, this one is the keeper. Allie agrees.

My pup's watching the mantel makeovers.

Since the loft looked so empty without the lighthouse painting. I snagged an unused mirror--vintage--and yet, another heirloom, as a backdrop for this beach inspired mantel.

Now for some Beach Boys.

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