Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer in Snapshots (week 5)

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What a fun way to catch summer before it slips by. 

Here is my week 5:

Wednesday: While my crock-pot was busy cooking dinner I took the spare time to do some reading; my current read is Elin Hildebrand's book, Silver Girl. The story revolves around the wife of a  Madoff inspired ponzi scheme crook. It's a story about endings, midlife, misunderstandings, reconnecting, friendship, relationships, family and discovery of one's true self...growth. A great chic book!  I settled under our blue patio umbrella, with a cool drink, and....wished this dock from Lake Champlain, Vermont was my view. Sigh. 
My Great-Nephew Dylan's a Brain Cancer Survivor!

Thursday: Is my day off during the summer, well at least for two more weeks, then I go back to 5 days a week. I took this picture of Dylan, he's the sweetest boy. Dylan is my great-nephew and he is a brain cancer survivor! His hair is finally growing back, and just in time for kindergarten this August. Dylan, his folks and baby brother just returned from Disney World in Orlando, the Make a Wish Foundation made it possible, a stretch limo transported the family to the airport and back home after the trip, they were given spending money, the hotel and Disney World-- all inclusive! They so needed and deserved this holiday. Thank you Make a Wish!
Love, love, love you dear Dylan! 
Our son and his cigar

Friday: Recently a humidor was shipped to the house and as my husband was pulling it from the box I asked him, “what do you need a humidor for, you don’t smoke cigars?!” and his reply, “yes I do.” I looked at this man, who I've known since Labor day 1977 -- that's when I was hired at the Clark Gas Oil Station and we worked our first shift together, I just knew immediately that "he was the one."  I digress. We have been together ever since, high school sweethearts, married in 1982. It just took me by surprise... this new cigar thing of his.
After their father passed-away last August, dear hubby and our son, along with my hubby’s brothers have been meeting every Saturday’s at their father’s home. They eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel, work on the house, eat a late lunch along with a beer or two, and -- apparently -- smoke cigars. I'm not sure if I care for this cigar thing, but I love that they have drawn out this "closing life chapter," sharing childhood memories and reconnecting. 

Moscow Mills, Missouri
Saturday I took a drive.  This first mosaic is the town of Moscow Mill's, Missouri. I've seen the exit sign, viewed the town's location the weatherman's radar map during bad weather, but I've never been there. The business district consist of a lumber store (not shown), a funeral parlor (left), and this bar (bottom right). There is a church down the street. I think the funeral home is statement in itself; I've never seen an old storefront turned into a funeral parlor. Is it me, or does this seem more fitting for a little cafe or ice cream shop?
And some scenic shots further down the rural hwy.

Sunday: I made a floral arrangement with the day-lily’s from my garden. I bought the yellow Coca-Cola crate at the antique shop in Moscow Mills on Saturday.

Flickr group the Monthly Scavenger Hunt

Monday I was busy adding photo’s to the Monthly Scavenger Hunt group in Flickr, in this group we are allowed to use current and our archival photo’s to match the listed items. Each month has a new list, here are the ones I added on Monday.

(1) Technicolour Chicken: This mural is painted on a garage door of an antique store I visited in Burlington Vermont. It was the best I could do for the “technicolour chicken” category.
(6) Unfinished: My front porch rocker project, this is rocker number 4. I am waiting for hubby to drill out the broken spindle and then reattach it. Might be better just to buy another one at a garage sale or Craigslist. 
(17) Redhead: You saw this picture last week and Nathan fits this category for “redhead” perfectly.
(7) Chaotic: This is a picture I took several years ago in my glass blowing class. There is a lot of action in the shot and it does appear somewhat chaotic with the photographer in the background, someone assisting the glassblower with a paddle (to shape and stabilize the foot of the piece while the glassblower works the pedestal with the jack. The jack gets piping hot, as you would expect and is the only time a burned myself during the class when I tried to pick it up before it had cooled). 
(12) Opposites: Two opposing political views, I took this shot during the Vice Presidential debate that was held at our campus, Washington University in St. Louis. Love that “Lincoln” was in the Obama camp.
(13) Faucet: I took this picture a few years ago on a tour of Old North St. Louis. I’m amazed that you could have such privacy in the city that you would not need curtains in your bathroom! The adjacent house is a 3-story brick and the facing wall has no windows.
(18) It’s a…what?: My daughter and I stopped at Alba's Ice Cream and Subs in Westfield, Ohio on our way to Cleveland. Being from St. Louis, we had no clue if a Musky was a made up thing or a fish of some sort. We asked the owner,  Angelo Alba, exactly what is a Musky? His reply, a fish of course, and in fact there was a current fish tournament that weekend. Don't you love his take on a service bell? 
Anyone can join, here is the link and my flickr ID is DiPics. Watch out though, the monthly scavenger hunt is known to be addicting!

The Lincoln Lawyer

Tuesday:  We watched The Lincoln Lawyer. Josh Lucas…remember him from Sweet Home Alabama? He is looking better than ever! Marisa Tomei – does this woman ever age? ;) And of course Matthew McConaughey in any movie is worth watching, in The Lincoln Lawyer you get to watch this boy ACT.

Week 5, check. This summer is going by way to fast.


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