Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer in Snaphots

On the urging of my Savannah friend Cherry--she knows how I love to snap pictures--I'm joining Amber and friends at The Starfish Blog on Wednesday's for Summer in snapshots 2011 ~ Come join the fun and capture summer with us.

Wednesday we caught this little guy while doing yard work. Love his camouflage.

Thursday I spent time with my niece Leigh and her twin's, Lexie and Nate. Are they not adorable?

Friday, hubby and I met friends at Wine Country Gardens.


Saturday, Completed my "haint" blue porch ceiling project.


Sunday was a day at the ballpark with my childhood friend Tina, her daughter Caitlin and her niece Mandy. I loved this "Cardinal" feathered hat one of the fans had on, and of course I just love Pujol's and then there was Mandy's zebra pedicure. 

The Card's won, but most importantly I had a great visit with my girlfriend who is a breast cancer survivor. I am so thankful that she is a survivor, love you so much Tina!


Monday captured my hubby playing with James Dean. I rescued James Dean through a local stray rescue group, he was posted on and gave him to my hubby for his birthday last November. The best present ever--can't you tell? 


Tuesday, I completed my Ugly Green Concrete project. I found the pineapple at an antique store and just had to have it since I kind of have a pineapple thing going. Now I have a set of three, my address plaque, a welcome flag and a much improved concrete pineapple by the front door. 

Well, this week has been fun. Hopefully I completed my posting
in time to add to the Summer in Snapshots!

I made it! But accidentally titled my post week 3 and it should be 4. :)
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